Skilled Nursing & Long-Term Care

• Your doctors at the hospital have decided that you require extended medical care before sending you home.

• Within 72 hours of your arrival at the skilled nursing facility one of the members of our team will be in to evaluate you.

• The team doctor will be in to assess your medical requirements during your stay. Medical management, however, is primarily coordinated by the nurse practitioners (NP).

• A nurse practitioner (NP) is a nurse with a graduate degree in advanced practice nursing. This allows him/her to provide a broad range of health care services, including:

<< Taking patient histories, performing physical examinations and ordering appropriate lab tests and procedures.

<< Diagnosing, treating and managing acute and chronic disease.

<< Providing prescriptions and coordinating referrals.

Typically patients in skilled nursing facilities are seen once a month. However, our NP’s will visit you once a week or more if medically necessary.

Any questions regarding your care will be directed to the nurse practitioners but we are all available for your questions.